Fetal Development-Month by Month
How to Increase Milk Flow
Preventing a Cesarean/Spinning Baby
1.Prenatal and Post Natal Water Aerobics
2.Water Aerobics
Swim Lessons for Children
Care of Breasts
Miracle of Activated Charcoal and Why Every Home Should Keep It In Their Medicine Cabinet
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Care of the Newborn
Licensed Massage Therapist, Dee Nicovich, is certified
as a prenatal massage therapist/doula
and also trained in,
"Spinning Baby."
Dee started her career in  Home
Economics/Health & Physical Education with a B.A., later
earned a masters of science in education. She has taught
every grade including university in private and public schools
and later home schooled her two children who graduated from
UAH as engineers. She had two babies, one by a midwife with
a medical doctor in the area and the other she delivered, with
the grace of God, in the car on the way to the hospital. Later in
life her daughter and her took the assistant midwife training
the world  famous, midwife and author,  Ina May
Gasken. Dee is a licensed personal trainer and certified as an
instructor in water aerobics
and Madd Dog Spinning. She
 teaching exercise and nutrition classes, teaching
people how to swim and bike racing.  Her goal in life to help all
to have a healthy and joy filled  life by following the
Creator's 8
Laws of Health.
During pregnancy a
woman's body undergoes
tremendous changes, and
all in a relatively short
space of time. These
changes occur not only
physically, but emotionally
too. The overall goal of
pregnancy massage is to
help to minimize stress,
promote relaxation and
help prepare the muscles
for childbirth.
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Prenatal Massage