Health & Domestic Engineering Classes
Wednesday Night Learn
With Home Economist, Personal Trainer
&  Licensed Massage Therapist, Dee Nicovich
Surveys show folks are returning to home skills.  Career
men and women find that the most important career is being
a good husband,wife, father and mother.  There is time to
always get another public job but the window of opportunity
of being a good parent is limited.   Classes consist of
learning skills that will help you have a better lifestyle,
couples massage, compounding herbal salt scrubs, sewing,
preparing healthy foods, natural remedies and children and
many more. (If you have a certain topic you would love to
learn about let Dee know, if possible she will added it to the
 Classes are on Wednesdays, 6-8pm.  All classes
cost $75.00. Limit to 4 students per class.  All classes are
held at RSHF Salle de Classe (555 Sparkman Dr. NW.  
Suite 1604 .  To register for a class email Dee or call 256-585-0507


How to Make a Neck Tie
& Bow Tie.
Coordinate your husband's clothing with the right  accessories.  
(Check with Dee about materials you will
need to bring).


How to Make Healing Bath Salts.
(All materials will be furnished. Essential oils used)


How to Give a Therapeutic Massage.
You will learn the basic strokes and implement them. Massage is
powerful! Find out how and why.
(All materials are furnished)


Drying Herbs and Organic Gardening Tips
Herbs are full of favor, nutrients, vitamins and also
helps in the garden to prevent pest.
(All materials are furnished)


Making a Beautiful Apron Quick & Easy
Learn how to make a apron for a man or a woman
with a quick and easy method. (Check with Dee about
the materials you will need to bring).

Canning for Health
Canning is work but a lot of fun, and a good way
for couples or families to spend time together.
(Materials are furnished)


How to Make a Watermelon Boat
& Other Melon Designs
(Bring a Melon of Your Choice)


Natural Home Remedies for Children & Adults
Remedies that help the body to heal naturally.
(All materials will be furnished)

Healthy Energy Chic Candy
Dee's homemade recipe used by athletes and housewives
for quick, long lasting energy  from natural ingredients.
(All materials will be furnished)
 Most Nutritious Diet for Autistic Children
Many doctors call the guy the second brain.  Find out why and how
to feed your children food that will give them quite nerves, energy
and good sleep.

Easy Quilting
Learn basic skills of quilting.  You will quilt a pillow case.
(Check with Dee about materials you will need to bring).

How to Do Body Brushing
Dry Skin Brushing: 7 Key Benefits
1. Stimulate Your Lymphatic System   2. Exfoliation
3. Increase Circulation  4. Reduce Cellulite
5. Stress Relief   6. Improve Digestion and Kidney Function
7. It's Invigorating