Defeating Disease with Homeostasis

    Homeostasis  (Wisdom of the Body)

1. A tendency of biological systems to maintain
stability while continually adjusting to conditions
that are optimal for survival.
Homeostatic mechanisms are necessary for the
body to regain its balance when disease or injury
occurs and to maintain that balance if it is to remain

2.Persistent overloading causes fatigue followed by
exhaustion and then ill-health resulting from
homeostasis violation and reduced resistance. A
breakdown is inevitable if the struggle continues..

3.It is through homeostatic mechanisms that body
temperature is kept within normal range, the
osmotic pressure of the blood and its hydrogen ion
concentration (pH) is kept within strict limits,
nutrients are supplied to cells as needed, and
waste products are removed before they
accumulate and reach toxic levels of concentration.
These are but a few examples of the thousands of
homeostatic control systems within the body. Some
of these systems operate within the cell and others
operate within an aggregate of cells (organs) to
control the complex interrelationships among the
various organs.
Acid Reflux
Blood Pressure
Blood Poisoning
Broken Bones
Harding of Arteries
Heart Problems
Multiple Sclerosis
Sleep Problems
Stop Smoking
The Creator's 8 Laws of Health
These are written on every cell of our body.
1. Water
2. Exercise
3. Love the Creator above all, then neighbor
4. Love Fresh Air.
5. Never part of bad foods & Don't over due the good.
6. Eat Nutritious Food
7. Sunshine
8. Sleep (Rest)