Pregnancy, a beautiful time in life.  Bringing a new child into life is challenging for you and
your husband.  Your body will go through changes like never before. After having the baby
the hormones seem to be going wind and you may have different thoughts, don't worry
you are not crazy, your body has went through extensive labor and is now trying to rest.  If
there is any advice I can give new mothers is remember the work you did before you had
the baby may not all get done, let friends and family help, you need rest and time with the
baby plus light exercise after the seventh day in the fresh air and sunshine.  
Dr. Thrashes rule for mothers to help their body recover.  
The first day after you have
the baby you can only be up 1 hour, second day 2 hours, third day three hours,
fourth day 4 hours, 5th day 5 hours, 6th day 6 hours, and on seventh day 7 hours.
Ladies keep to the rule because you organs have been pushed up and need time to
readjust to the baby not being around.
Do not lift anything real heavy during this time
and limit reading because the eyes are a little weaker at this time.  
Just enjoy your
baby and time with them and enjoy the help from relatives, if you do not have a relative
near by you need to check with a dula or other folks that can help for a week or so.  Pray
God is with you and your family.  Below are some do and don't that can help you during
pregnancy.  Always check with you doctor.
Drink a lot of pure water.
Start your day off with
1 pint of room temperature water
Drink city water which is full of
toxins and other garbage you nor
your baby want in your system
If you need something to
help you wake up. Drink a
cup of fresh squeezed
orange juice 30 minutes after
you drink your water. Then
wait 30 minutes and eat
breakfast. This fresh juice
will wake up your whole
system and you will be
Drink coffee, cokes or caffeine
beverages.  Caffeine is a drug.
The baby gets all drugs double
Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables
plus cooked or sprouted grains and
some nuts. Eating a variety of these
foods will help you to insure good
health for you and your baby. Kale,
collard greens and turnip greens per
cup have more calcium then cow's
Eat a lot of second hand protein.  
All animals protein, whether from
meat or dairy if hard on the
system plus full of disease which
transfer from animal to humans.  
Breast feed your baby.  This is
the best gift you can give them
for life plus, this helps your
uterus to go back into shape.  
About 4 months before you have
the baby attend your local
La Leche League
Use formula.  God did not make
Apples will help to settle the
stomach if you get morning
sickness. If one feels they are
coming down with a cold Dr.
Thrash would say go outside
take 10 deep breaths.  The
extra oxygen will help to keep
the body well.
Take no drugs.  All drugs have
side affects,  The baby will get
double the dose of the drug.  
Even an aspirin can cause
nutritions from being absorbed like
vitamin C and the baby can be
born with a cleft pilot.
Get plenty of exercise in
the fresh air and sunshine.  
Just 20 minutes of
sunshine will help the body
to produce vitamin D which
is important for you and the
babies bones.
Lay around and not exercise.  
Many time when you are not
feeling good if you get up and
move you will notice you feel
better plus your delivery will be
much easier. Don't be around
smelly paint and other chemicals
Get to bed early (The hours between 6 and
midnight are double the value of those after).  
You need 7-8 hours of sleep plus a power nap
around noon before lunch will help you to sleep
better at night.  The old saying, "Early to bed,
early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and
Stay up past midnight and then
sleep in.  
Build you arm muscles by lifting
light weight then add.
Water aerobics is an excellent
want to get exercise plus get the
weight off your back because the
baby and you float.
Lift heavy back straining objects.
Showers help to refresh you.
Stay out of hot tubs and very hot
Getting a prenatal massage after the first
tri-master will help you to relax.  If you are
late on your delivery a massage therapist
can help by massaging the reflex located in
the body that can  help.
Do not get a massage during the
first tri-master
The most important act you can do is pray.  God does hear and will help
you and your baby.  
Don't watch movies that make you
upset. Negative emotions cause
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