What Some Have Used for a
Bee or Wasp Sting
1. Honey  (Yes, honey.  Put it on the
sting. I found it was like I had never
been stung.)

2. If you are outside and cannot get
to honey, some folks have used dirt.  
You can also put it on an ant sting.

3. Activate Charcoal.  Make a paste
with a little water and put on sting. If
bee or ant stings are bad news for
you then also drink (1 teaspoon of
activated charcoal in a glass of
water).  Our neighbor's little 4 year
old got into a fire ant hill.  Within
minutes the child swelled up and was
gasping for breath.  The neighbor
had but charcoal on the outside but
not the inside.  We made a drink of
water with 1 teaspoon (heaping)
activate charcoal and forced it down
him.  We then speed to the hospital 1
hour away.   Once we got the drink
down the little boy he started
breathing normally.  God blessed!  
The doctor said, "If you had not
gotten that drink down that this boy
he surely would have died before you
got him here."
Activated Charcoal IS NOT WHAT YOU COOK WITH!
You get it at the health food store or on line.