Degrees/Certifications     The best education I have came from God who is love!

Family and Consumer Science [Nutrition] (Major), Health/Physical Ed. (Minor), B.A. Glenville State College

Personal Trainer (Interactive Fitness Trainers of America)

Master of Science  (Jacksonville State University)

Licensed Massage Therapist  (Madison School of Massage Therapy)

Master Water Fitness Instructor (United States Water Fitness Association)

Master Aquatic Fitness Personal Trainer (USWFA))

Boot Camp Instructor (National Exercise Trainers Association)

Hyrodrider Instructor (Hyrorider )

Coordinator of Water Fitness Programs (USWFA)

Water Safety Instructor (American Red Cross)

Spinning Instructor (Madd Dogg Spinning)

Bosu  (Bosu)

Indoor Cycling Instructor  (Schwinn)

CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer (American Red Cross)

Zumba Instructor (Zumba Fitness)

Member of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Rock Solid Health Fitness
About  Certified Personal Trainer (Land & Water),
Massage Therapist, Nutritionist, Health Coach & Speaker
Dee Nicovich
A Good Diet...

Is an essential
part to proper
Helping People Get Healthier is One of Dee's Greatest Joys.

Whether training:
      on land (in a gym or in the sunshine),
      in water (pool or ocean)
      in a group setting
      or personal

Dee works hard to help everyone learn more skills on how to care for their health naturally.

In the above picture, fresh air, sunshine, and social interaction are giving participates extra health values with their

A massage once a week can improve one's health up to 50%.
10 K
Dee running a 10K
at the University of
Alabama in
Huntsville. She
came in 2nd place
in her age group.

  • Vegan  Diet (Meat --uric acid which is very rough on the joints). The Vegan diet is like home plate in a baseball game, all health
    moves begin with a vegan diet.  All animal and animal products slow or prevent healing in the human body.

  • Stopped Drinking any Beverages with my Meals.  Drank all beverages 1/2 hour before meals, or 2 hours after meals.  Reason:
    Oil and water do not mix, thus when one drinks with their meals the oil they eat during that meal will not lubricate the joints but bypass

  • Stopped Eating any White Sugar or Products with it in.  Instead used honey.  Reason: White sugar leaches nutrients out of the
    body.  Honey has natural oils that lubricates the joints.  (Many doctors in Birmingham  use to put their patients on honey for arthritis.)

  • Replaced Refined Food with Whole Grain Foods.  Instead of white rice eat brown rice.  Instead of white flour eat whole wheat
    flour.  If the ingredient is listed as wheat flour usually it is white flour.  Reason: White flour is like glue, missing many essential nutrients
    and fibers.

  • Stopped Eating Fried Foods.  Bake foods instead (oven-French fries with olive oil instead of regular French fries.  Reason: Oils
    that are heated to the point of deep-frying are chemically altered.

  • Until Pain Went Away Dee took One Tablespoon of Pure Olive Oil Nightly.   In two weeks, the horrible pain was gone.  Olive oil
    is the best oil, the only oil Dee cooks with.  The word oil comes from the word olive.

  • Dee follows all the above, because they were a lifestyle change that she discovered after much prayer.  She no longer
    takes the olive oil at night.
What Dee Did Years Ago to Cure Herself of Crippling Arthritis?

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