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Hi there! I’m a fitness instructor, vegan nutritious, personal trainer (land & water) and a believer in the Creator who made our bodies a Temple for His indwelling Spirit that we may live a healthy, peaceful, and loving life.

Rock solid health fitness is dedicated to helping the Creator’s fellow pilgrims to make it to the New Yahashalom (Jerusalem) learning of His loving guide lines to keep us on the right path by following the Savior who gave us the Scripture and His 8 laws of health. I will be sharing recipes, health ideas and events that have helped me that I hope will help you. I am not a physician so, I do not claim anything to cure but I advocate a lifestyle using the 8 laws of health.

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  1. Ms. Parsley’s Herbed Potato Salad

    5 pounds white potatoes (wash and boil until soft)

    7 stacks celery, sliced (small)

    5 green onions, sliced (small)

    1 punch parsley, rinse then chop fine

    1 punch cilantro, rinse then chop fine

    1 punch dill, rinse then chop fine

    3 cups vegan mayonnaise

    Real salt to taste

    Cut potatoes into cubes add all other ingredients and stir well. Add salt to taste.

    Delicious! By Ms. Parsley

    Friends with the Creator’s help I made up this recipe this morning for shabbath and wanted to share it. It is delicious! Have a super shabbath!

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