True Remedies  ( The Key to Health)  Daily                                                                                    

W ater your body inside and out. [Drink a quart of water first thing in the morning]

  • Drink 8 or more Glasses of Distilled Water [Your urine will be pale to clear if you are getting adequate water] If you are drinking enough water and eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables you will not need deodorant because your body will not have a bad odor.
  • Bath Daily
  • Do Not Drink with Meals (Drink all liquids 1/2 hour before or 2 hours after each meal.)

E xercise (Cardiovascular)

  • Walk Briskly (15 minutes or more) [Start with 1 mile in the fresh outdoors and work up to 4 miles. You can do this before or after breakfast--Before breakfast will burn more calories whereas after breakfast will aid in the digestion.]
  • Calisthenics
  • Proper Posture [a must for good health]
  • A Weekly Massage could improve your health 50%. (It is called passive exercise).

       This is not teaching religion but what studies have shown works for good health.

L ove The Heavenly Father with all your heart, mind and soul.

  • Pray
  • Read the Scripture ----Feed Your Soul!
  • Remember Psalms 41:3-4

L ove fresh air.

  • Deep Breathing (Outdoors)
  • Fresh Air in the House Especially While Sleeping

N ever partake of bad things and don't over do the good.

  • Temperance (No alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, pornography, white sugar or drugs).


E at only good food.

  • Eat a Heavy Nutritious Breakfast --is like ----------------[GOLD] Heavy protein foods digest easiest at breakfast
  • Eat a Medium Nutritious Lunch ----is like------------------[SILVER]
  • Eat a Light Supper (fruit and grains) or No Supper--is like---[LEAD] Food turns to fat easiest at supper time.
  • Do not eat fruits and vegetables at the same meal.
  • No Snacks
  • Have 5 Hours Between Meals (Example-if you eat at 7:00am. 12 noon would be your next meal)
  • Eat Nothing Within 5 Hours of Bedtime (the stomach needs rest too)
  • Drink fresh fruit or fresh vegetable juice daily and, or green drink [Green Magma, Barley Green] Theses feed the cells.
  • Eat fresh foods first at a meal to aid in digestion of the cook food.
  • Eat 85% fresh food
  • Eat no animal or animal products. Diseases from the animals are transmitted to the human, plus high cholesterol is developed leading to heart problems.
  • Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil is the best oil to use. The health benefits it has out weights the high price you pay for it. The word oil comes from the word olive. Never fry foods, bake instead. Sauté' with a little olive oil and water. Canola oil is deadly-keep away from it.

S unshine

  • 1/2 Hour or More (Sunshine Produces Vitamin D in the Body for Strong Bones and Teeth)
  • In Your Home (Purifies Your Home)

S leep

  • 6-8 Hours (The Hours between 6 p.m. and 12 midnight are double the health value of those After Midnight). Rest on the day of rest.